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Updated: 2/18/2020
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  • I need to go see Peris. What does he look like now that he's pretty?
  • Peris, I came to come visit you!
  • Tally, what are you doing here? You're so childish. You need to leave. Promise me you wont get caught and that I will see you get pretty.
  • Why are you here? Im here to spy on my friends.
  • Me too. I came to visit one of my friends. I cant get caught being here though.
  • Tally is 15. In 3 months she will be 16. Once 16, you turn pretty. Peris, her bestfriend, is pretty.
  • Tell me where Shay is or you will never be pretty!!
  • Shay gave me a note with hints to her location. I made a promise that I wouldn't tell.
  • I don't know where Shay is.
  • Tally sneaks to New Pretty Town to visit Peris. He isn't very pleased to see her. He tells Tally that she must leave and that they can be friends again when she is pretty.
  • Tally, just tell them the truth and then we can pretty together.
  • As Tally is sneaking back to Ugly Ville, she meets another ugly named Shay. They quickly become friends. Shay shows Tally around and teaches her tricks. They become friends for 3 months and bond over having the same birthday.
  • What does the note mean? Where is Shay? You must find her.
  • I know she is in a secret town but I don't know what the note means.
  • Shay runs away the day before today. Tally is supposed to be turning pretty but instead gets called to Special Circumstances. Tally must reveal where shay is.
  • Peris visits Tally to tell her all the rumors he heard about her. He convinces her to tell the truth to Special Circumstances and tell them where Shay is.
  • Tally goes back to Special Circumstances and shows them the note that Shay gave her. They inform Tally that she must go on a lone adventure to find Shay.
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