save the planet
Updated: 5/23/2020
save the planet

Storyboard Description

it's about some kids on vacation on a island finding it too polluted and what they do is help the environment to clean it up,at first they decide to clean the island, but when they return to their city they make the people yesterday help them clean it, create a group thay cleans the city. They meet one day a week and they will clean him but he is a volunteer. they hand out flyers to help them clean up. I think it should be everywhere. Because thanks to that there would be no more pollution, And people should cycle more on public transport or on foot.

Storyboard Text

  • if, i think we should help
  • this site is very polluted!!
  • the truth is that if
  • how well collected it looks much better
  • good but even if we don't go we have to keep cleaning the environment
  • well we are coming home
  • we are going to create a website where people sign up to help the environment
  • NATUREThis website is to sing up to clean up the environment every Wednesday.I called the number+++++++++, to sign up to clean up the environment please.
  • take it maybe it's someone who has seen the web
  • they are calling me