Historical foundations of our Republic
Updated: 2/7/2020
Historical foundations of our Republic
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  • Decades later they allowed farmers and other workers into the government, but they still had to have a good amount of wealth and property.
  • These classes are now based on wealth rather than birth, but they still had to have enough money
  • Before, only some nobles were aloud to be part of the government but people thought that those people were acting like bullies so they changed who could be in the goverment.
  • We are senates, we used to not care about what the peoples opinions.
  • Which said you had to treat me and other citizens equally.
  • But then we created the RULE of LAWS
  • The Magna Carta was wars and agreements between King John and The barons. This protected the rights of the wealthy.
  • The rule of law was a method of governing and it protected the people, made sure that no one was above the law. With laws that were based on fairness ans justice.
  • John Locke was an English Philosopher, one thing that he suggested was that subjects had a right to question the government.
  • Thomas Hobbs was also an English philosopher he suggested that governments should be strong and powerful
  • The Mayflower compact is was something that the pilgrims used to let them be free with their religiousness.
  • It was important because it was the first framework of government written.
  • States called their lower classes assemblies and the voters were the ones who chose them.
  • It was the first representative assembly in American colonies.
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