Updated: 10/23/2020

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  •  One day, Ryzza played her toys in the kitchen. She enjoyed playing there while her mother went outside.
  •  While playing, Ryzza saw that their oven was open wide. She's curious about it and immediately stopped playing.
  •  Her mother appeared and shouted her.
  • RYZZA!
  •  Her mother was mad at her because she is playing in the kitchen
  • What are you doing here? Pick up your things and talk to me in the living room. NOW!
  • Ryzza and her mother went to the living room and talk about the matter.
  • I just played in there, mother. I was about to close the oven but you came. *huhuhu*
  •  Her mother quickly comforted her after she explained.
  • Thank goodness, I thought you will play fire.
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