Storyboard anglais 08/05/2020
Updated: 5/10/2020
Storyboard anglais  08/05/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The story takes place during a wedding on a beach. The bride was wainting for her future husband, playing with her daugther Dolores. Suddenly the dog Toby pulled Dolores's dress. Everbody followed the cleverest Toby.
  • Inspector Carrot. What is happening here?
  • Ah really ?
  • Boss,I believe that he's dead.
  • Daddy....
  • Darling...
  • Waouf Waouf...
  • The inspector began to interrogate the nearly widow. She declared that she was getting prepared with her best friend Cindy. Then she added that she was more impatient than ever to see her fiance on the way to the beach with his family.
  • In my opinion we should question these fellows.
  • Greg was driving his sister Agatha, his witness Peter and his friend Jack.
  • I don't care your opinion. I think we should question these fellows.
  • That's why ten minutes later, they got gathered around the inspector. He began to ask everybody their identity.
  • I am Cindy, the bride's best friend and I am a witness . I think I know who is the murderer.
  • What were you doing when Greg got killed ?
  • I am Agatha, the victim's sister.
  • I am Jacques, the victim's friend.
  • I am Peter, a closer friend than Jack. That's why I was the wedding witness.