Reporteed Spech

Updated: 7/29/2020
Reporteed Spech

Storyboard Text

  • I don´t recommend you visit your friend, because you may be asymptomathic to the coronavirus, touching something else of her house.
  • Doctor told she that they couldn´t see because they may be asymptomathic.
  • She want to know what the doctor said.
  • Emma, what did the doctor said?
  • The doctor said that we couldn´t see, because we could expand the virus, but we can do video chat.
  • Emma said she that they couldn´t see, but they can done videochat.
  • He said Doctor if he could play basquetball.
  • Doc, can i play basquetball?
  • Doctor told he couldn´t play basquetball because he should be propense human contact and had the virus.
  • Hi, no, you can´t play baquetball because you should be more propense to have the virus with human contact
  • He said mom that he couldn´t play basquet.
  • Mom, doctor said that i couldn´t go to play basquet.