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beowulf storyboard
Updated: 12/8/2018
beowulf storyboard
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  • (2) Our business is a great one with the king. There's nothing that we are hiding in our coming.
  • (4) I trust in your words. I'll guide you myself to our King. My men will guard your ship and watch it well. 
  • (1) Whose soldiers are you, to cross the sea-road to this land?
  • (3) We are the Geat, men who follow Higlac, our king. Your prince Healfdane's son has asked for us. We have heard of a monster that brings terror and attacks your men at night.
  • They are the Geats who have come sailing to our land. Led by a warrior named Beowulf.
  • I knew Beowulf when he was a boy. Of his favor to help end Grendel, I will gift him treasures for his courage.
  • Herot
  • You came to us in friendship. But I tell you with a heavy heart, Grendel has brought us damage. You can see what we lost
  • Fate has let me win many battles. My purpose in coming is to win or die in Grendel's grip. Grendel will learn terror is his alone.
  • Later at night...
  • Beowulf meant to kill Grendel, managing to tear off his arm and claw. Grendel's protective charm wearing off, Grendel escaped wounded.
  • Beowulf awoke as Grendel began to grasp him with his claws after ripping the other sleeping men apart. But as Grendel realized Beowulf was stronger than he expected, Grendel's one thought was to flee back to his marsh.
  • Never have l met a man whose hands are as hard and strong. [His mind flooded with fear]
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