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Updated: 6/9/2020
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  • These are the main characters Matt, Q,Tony,Hooter and Katie. This is their first club meeting. Matt is the president of the club.
  • I am so bored! When are we going to go on the adventure?
  • The story is called George Washington Socks by: Elvira Woodruff
  • They get attracted to this boat which Tony told a story about that his grandfather lost his friend because he disappears. The boat has a name engraved in it Emit Levart that is how the club members knew they were on the boat Tony told them about. They were all so scared. They didn't know what would happen to them.
  • What? Where are we going?
  • Then they discover they went back in time. Everyone was so shocked and surprised . They didn't it was real at first then afterwards they did they didn't know how to get back.
  • What in the world!!!!! It's George Washington.
  • Matt gets separated from his friends then he meets someone named Israel. Matt became great friends with Israel they were marching to war together. Israel was really sick and he was about to die Matt was so sorrowful because he acted like a big brother to Matt.
  • Help!!!!!
  • Then Matt gets reunited with Tony and Hooter they tell Matt that Katie and Q has been captured by the Hessians. Matt tries to rescue them with Tony and Hooter and it doesn't end up well. Then a guy named Gustav which was a Hessian saved Katie from drowning by risking his own life then after that he got shot by a patriot.
  • YAY!!! I am finally back home!!😁😌😆
  • They found the boat and Matt discovered that Emit Levart is time travel spelled backwards. They hid the boat and everything they got on the adventure. They were all so relieved to get back home especially Matt because when he had to take care of Katie Katie go into all kinds of trouble.