Unknown Story

Updated: 6/29/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Good morning,Yes,I would like to find a plot in the village.
  • Good Morning Ma'am, Are you here to find a plot?
  • I would like 10 cent plot.
  • How much cent do you want?
  • I have a great place for you!
  • Sure!
  • This is the plot.If you are interested,we will go around and see the plot .
  • Yes,of course.It is awesome!!
  • So,How much is this plot?
  • It is 1.5Lakh per 1cent
  • Did you like the plot?
  • Oh. So,It is 15lakh for this plot
  • 1Cent=1.5 Lakh10Cent= 1.5 x10=15 Lakh15 lakh is the price
  • I will come on Thursday at 3pm to you'r office and give you the advance money and sign the paper.
  • So,When are you going to give the advance money and sign the papers?
  • Sure!