The ecosystems part 2
Updated: 5/19/2020
The ecosystems part 2

Storyboard Text

  • This is a hot desert, have low rainfall, producers are scarce or absent. The animals that live here are adaptated
  • Hi i'm Steve, i explain you this equatorial regions.
  • THis ecosystem is a savannah, have little rainfall, mostly grasses with some trees & large variety of herbivores
  • ROAR!
  • This is a equatorial rainforest, are large extensions of dense vegetation, have high rainfall all year. Is the highest concentration of biodiversity on planet. Well... BYE!!
  • Hi, i'm Paul, now i explain you this different caves. This is a forest cave in which a bear of the wood live in it, it isn't a humid cave & have some light.
  • This is a more large cave, have less light & is more humid here live a group of bats.
  • This is the largest cave, without light & much humid, here live a little animals.The final conclusion: A ecosystem is a comunity of living things that interact with their enviroment . Bye, see you soon!!!