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Updated: 3/26/2019
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  • He worked with nitroglycerin, which was classificated as unstable compound, and achieved to develop a new method for blasting rock with it
  • People must know about this discovery! I'll use my ability of language to communicate this to the scientific community in order to get a validation
  • Dear scientific community, today I'll change everything you thought you knew about explosives, let me introduce you to the dynamite, my latest discovery based on the use of nitroglycerin
  • The scientific community was shook after the discovery, since nobody new it was possible to handle nitroglycerin, but not only the scientific community was interested, also merchants and industrialists wanted to know more about it. From this the scientific revolution started, changed completely the perspective about one thing leading to new ideas and products...
  • Alfred Nobel got international validation, became popular in the scientific community, patented his discoveries and even industrialized with his dynamite invention. He completely changed the perspective about one product and helped the community evolve through the discovery.
  • But not only that, even after his dead we still recognize him, he donated most of his fortune to create an anual award that will recognize the most important scientific and social impacts, nowadays we know this anual aware as "nobel prizes"
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