Updated: 10/5/2021

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  • 1760
  • The transformation in society due to the construction of new machines which made people's work more efficient, however, consequences arose...
  • It all started in the 18th century (1760) in the United Kingdom, thanks to the invention of the mechanized loom and the steam engine of James Watt
  • Thanks to the new inventions, work became more efficient and there began to be more jobs and improvements, such as the transformation of the new production of mineral resources and the construction of various factories and things, so the quality of life increased and the population increased.
  • After this Increased the wealth of entrepreneurs as never before, so that the new industrial wealth changes andThe bourgeoisie arises, they introduce machines and new products, leaving thousands of peasants out of work, for which the peasants were forced to look for work in the big cities.
  • The exploitation of cotton and fabrics became fundamental and the main sources of wealth, being bought from EEUU, the exploitation of the jobs became extreme, the workers suffered a lot and were paid very little, apart from that their bosses treated them badly; and women and children worked harder and were paid less than men.
  • In the mid-1830s, the British machines began to expand through European countries, where new machines appear and after all the wealth and the increase in population, many countries were allowed to expand throughout the world. However, greater injustices continue in the factories, where employees were treated worse than slaves and these injustices continue ...