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The History of Darwin and the Theory of Evolution
Updated: 9/1/2020
The History of Darwin and the Theory of Evolution
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  • Charles Darwin found surgery distressing and had a general lack of interestin his medical studies. Instead, he was more interested in the taxidermylessons he received, as well as geology and the classification of plants.
  • Marine Invertebrates
  • Firth of Forth
  • I have no desire to be a doctor. Taxidermy is much more intriguing.
  • Taxi-dermy
  • zZz
  • Indeed. I'd like to study their differences in more detail and publish my work about it.
  • Just as my butterfly collection, all of these bugs have many minor differences.
  • Darwin received an invitation to chart the coastlines of theSouth Americas. He was particularly intrigued by using this opportunity to work on his geology research and learn aboutvarying species on the different islands they went on to chart.
  • I want to go aboard the HMS Beagle on a journey to further my work.
  • Fine then, I'll cover the expenses.
  • I believe that'd be a waste of time. You should finish your education to be a priest.
  • I believe it would be a good way to advance his studies.
  • Once on the voyage, he collected large amounts of species to send back to Cambridge University in somewhat regular intervals. Besides researching the geology of different islands, he read Charles Lyell's 'Principles of Geology', which inspired him to start writing his own work on the topic.
  • As they were stopped on Chilean coast, they mined the reddish mudstone cliffs and found some fossils of extinct, giant sloths. They also uncovered fossils of both capybara and camel-like animals, to which he drew the conclusion that they resembled the living equivalent without being identical.
  • Upon his arrival at the Galapagos, he collected Mockingbirds from each island.To his demise, it was only as an afterthought that he realized that the birds,despite coming from islands only a few miles apart with nearlyindistinguishable physical conditions, were very different. The conclusion he rightly came to was that each of the species musthave had one shared ancestor. He also drew this same conclusion for the rest of life on earth after.
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