R.E Assessment Storyboard 1
Updated: 3/20/2020
R.E Assessment Storyboard 1
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Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1
  • What is 2x13?
  • Hmm... how long should I go to the bathroom for to text someone?
  • Can I get 200 followers on Instagram?
  • Unfortunately not
  • Scene 2
  • Can the bad students move away Miss?
  • Scene 3
  • We shall see if they change.
  • Why not?
  • The parable I have chosen is the parable of the weeds. In this scene the man has sown good seeds in the field, but one night an enemy sowed bad seeds of weeds in the field. It is similar to the classroom, where there are disengaged students and engaged students in the one class.
  • Scene 4
  • Today is assessment day!
  • Ok, hopefully I go well
  • OH NO!
  • In this scene, the servant asks the sower "should we pull out the weeds?" but the sower replies "no". It is similar to the engaged student asking the teacher "why are the disengaged studnets in this class, can't we move them" but the teacher replies "no."
  • Scene 5
  • YES!
  • In scene 3, the master tells the servant "we shall let the wheat and the weeds grow together", similar to the teacher telling the engaged student "we shall keep those both on and off task together in here for now, and see if they change."
  • Scene 6
  • Great, now we are in the non engaged class!
  • In scene 4 it is harvesting day. The master tells the servant "We will harvest today and separate the good wheat from the bad weeds." This is similar to the teacher saying "today is assessment day, where we will separate you depending on your grades and work ethic in class."
  • OH NO!
  • "We will keep the wheat and bundle it and then put it into my barn" said the sower in scene 5. This is represented when the teacher says "we will keep the competent and engaged students in this class"
  • In the final scene, the master says "And we will bundle the weeds and burn them." This is similar to the teacher expressing "and the non engaed and students with low work ethic will move classes."
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