Story Board #2
Updated: 6/17/2020
Story Board #2
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  • I am greatly excited to teach Helen Keller finger spelling, braille, and so much more. You had told me that she is a quiet, sweet, little girl who wants nothing more but to see and hear. I will try my hardest to teach her.
  • My daughter Helen was recently diagnosed with an unknown illness called "an acute congestion of the stomach and the brain".
  • March 3rd, 1887
  • Please help us. We are devastated seeing our daughter in her state.
  • Oh my! This devilish child is not at all what I had expected or been told. Helen is feeling my hand so furiously, she must be shocked by such a sudden guest.
  • Hello, my name is Anne Sullivan.
  • Who is this person? Their hands are so warm, and soft. This must be a women!
  • Why is someone chasing me? I just want to be fed, I don't need to learn.
  • Helen come back here and sit down for god sake. You are scurrying around the room so quickly that I can't get a hold of you. Please let me teach you how to properly eat.Stop!
  • Oh boy! She is a burden of work. I can barely keep up with her rapid pace.
  • Now I have to clean the mess that Helen made.
  • When will you learn Helen Keller?I will not petty you in ways that your parents do, for I am strict and will discipline you when necessary.
  • I must escape, I will never give up, for I am strong and determined. Oh no, she spilled water on me. I must get revenge, for this food had made me vomit.
  • Years later....
  • Before it was I looking upon Helen, now she is all I read about in the newspapers. She developed into a motivational speaker, helps many with problems, and encourages others who were like her years ago.
  • I am so proud of my most successful student, Helen Keller. It is unremarkable to see such a young girl be so fortunate.
  • In the end, Anne Sullivan who had been Helen Keller's teacher for numerous years passed away; however, she never forgot about Helen and her accomplishments.Helen's disabilities made it hard to endure tasks and moments in life but she was always persistent. Anne Sullivan was never forget by Helen.
  • After undergoing the chronic pain in my right eye and after my eyes were deteriorating, my eyesight had become hazy within the months. After this I understood all the obstacles Helen faced. She had become more courageous in my eyes, for she had it far worse with her disabilities in the way. I will always think of Helen as a role model not a student.
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