Unknown Story
Updated: 3/27/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1.6
  • Your really annoying
  • Do you not know how to sit on a chair properly?
  • Scene 1.6
  • Aliza you need to go to the Headmaster
  • Aliza Langford needs to go to the Headmaster
  • Scene 2.1
  • Headmaster
  • *Knock. Knock*
  • Zac and Aliza are in class, and Zac is constantly annoying Aliza. Long shot-showing the characters talking to one another. Wipe
  • Scene 2.1
  • A new student came in today and he'll be your roommate. Make him feel welcomed, Here's your keys
  • As Zac and Aliza were talking Mrs Foster interrupted them and tells Aliza she has to go to the Headmasters officeLong shot- shows the letter the teacher is holding.
  • Scene 2.1
  • Aliza arrives at the Headmasters office. And is about to enter. Long shot- action of the character (walking)
  • Scene 2.2
  • Damn this is a nice dorm.
  • Aliza is inside the office the Headmaster, Mr.Wacko tells her that her roommate is the new student.Long Shot- handing the keys to Aliza
  • room 101
  • Aliza has to walk on a flight of stairs to get to her room. Long shot- shows the characters their movements
  • Aliza finally reaches her dorm and observes the room. Long shot- action and thoughts of the character.