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Updated: 1/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • There's a leftover food at the refrigerator, go and eat now
  • Mom I'm so hungry
  • Hmmm... I hope it's a fries or a nuggets.
  • What's this?! A frozen spaghetti that was stock for about 3 days now
  • But I'm starving now, I don't have any choice but to eat this
  • Huh? a microwave? Mom how can I use this? I don't even know how it works
  • My dear, you can use the microwave to quickly heat your food
  • I thought you know how to use that, okay I'm coming
  • Oh yes mom I remember! Based on what my teacher have told us that...
  • When I switch on this, it gives off electromagnetic waves that bounce around inside the oven which penetrates the food. Water molecules in the food absorb the energy from the microwaves causing the food to get hot
  • This is a microwave oven my dear, from the word itself which means that this is one of the common uses of microwaves, the topic that was discussed in your science class last week
  • This still taste so good yumm...Thank you mom for helping me
  • No problem my dear, go eat more!