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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/17/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Climax
  • Falling action
  • (Andromeda) Falling action cont.
  • ?
  • Perseus duels Medusa, succeeds in killing her and beheads her, and from her body sprout Chrysaor and Pegasus then he proceeds back to King Polydectes
  • Falling action
  • Perseus spotted a lady chained to a stone. He proceeded to fly down and ask the queen and king what was going on and they told him that the queen said that she the lady (her daughter andromeda) were prettier than any nereid.
  • falling action
  • The Nereids went to Poseidon upset from the claim made him send a serpent and the only way to be rid the offense was to sacrifice their daughter. So Perseus proceeded to kill the serpent and save andromeda. Then he proceeded to ask for her as his bride which confused and angered the king but eventually he agreed.
  • Resolution
  • Perseus makes it back home just in time to see Polydectes forcing Danae to marry him so Polydectes orders the guards to kill him
  • Perseus pull the head of medusa out and turns the whole room to stone except his mother. After putting the head in his bag he goes to his mother who brings him to a stone figure a bearded old man Danae's father acris the man who tried to change fate but still ended up dying to his prophecy
  • On Perseus's wedding night he returned to the temples of Athene and Hermes to thank them for everything and giving Athene the gift of the shield which now holds the imprint of medusas face and the cap darkness to Hermes. But Perseus kept the winged sandals and the sword for future fighting and travel and finally he tosses Medusa's head into the sea.
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