Place Matters

Updated: 5/12/2020
Place Matters

Storyboard Description

I changed the topic of my project to food desserts. This correlates to the physical aspect of health. A lack of affordable, accessible, and healthy options is what the USDA refers to as a food dessert. This creates health disparities, as this usually occurs in areas that had previously been redlined, areas deemed less affluent and less profitable.

Storyboard Text

  • I want to eat healthier- I'm worried I'm going to get sick from how I've been eating.
  • I would but it's really inconvenient. Where would we even go?
  • We could try to find healthier options at the stores close to here. It probably won't take that long
  • Ok.
  • The food here looks healthier but it's way too expensive.
  • This place is cheaper but everything is so unhealthy.
  • I'm looking up a place we can go. This one looks healthy-and cheap! That's great.
  • Wait! It says here it's an hour by bus.
  • You're right. Maybe we should talk to someone with power about the health issues.
  • This isn't right. Eating unhealthy can make us live shorter.
  • I know the councilmen are supposed to hear issues reguarding public health.