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Updated: 2/23/2019
Personal Profile
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  • Hi! My name is Ava Catanoiu. I'm going to be telling you a bit about myself.
  • It is having no regrets and being happy with your life.
  • Let me start by talking about what I think success is.
  • Success is achieving something that you have wanted more than anything.
  •  Personal Mission Statement I believe in standing up for those that can’t for themselves and always trying to do the right thing but also knowing that mistakes will happen and that they should be learned from.
  • I hope to always look back on my past and not regret anything I did or didn’t do and knowing that I did my best. I believe in always being there for family and friends when they need me and even being there just to spend time together. 
  •  I hope to always forgive others and not hold onto grudges, but also to remember what happened as to not repeat it. Lastly, I hope that no matter what I do in life I am happy and so are those around me.
  • Some short term goals are to get a summer job, finish my volunteer hours by the end of the summer and to get 90% in all my classes this semester.
  • Also, I am an auditory learner. This means that I learn the best when I hear things out loud.
  •  I've learned a lot about myself these past week weeks.
  • I am a person who relays on logic and am suited for a job in science or math.
  • My top three types of intelligence are body movement, social, and logic/math.
  • This also helps explain why my interests are in things like research, reading (which I do a lot in my spare time) , and in general, I just like to learn new things.
  • This means that I enjoy sports (taekwondo), like talking to people, and I am good at problem-solving in math
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