Rome & Juliet ~~~ Act 4

Updated: 9/10/2020
Rome & Juliet ~~~ Act 4

Storyboard Text

  • Friar Lawrence ! I dont know what to do i could never marry Paris id rather die!
  • I have an idea Juliet! You must agree to marry Paris then i shall give you a sleeping potion that will make you appear dead
  • Oh horar i knew youd come around to the idea! Im so pleased ! We shall move the wedding to this Wednesday since youre so pleased
  • Im so sorry about my behavior! Im so excited to marry Paris i was just so nervous iI didnt know how to respond if only it could happen sooner.
  • Alright, If you say so Juliet. I let Capulet know as well.
  • Nurse, would it be ok if i spent the night by myself i need to process my thoughts.
  • To you, Romeo! This is for us! Cheers.
  • Tybalt, please i beg you quit your search for Romeo. Let your soul rest in peace.
  • Nurse ! Go wake Juliet its the big day!
  • Lord and Lady capulet come quick! Juliet is dead.