Unknown Story
Updated: 3/2/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Mrs. Mallard is dead
  • Rising Action
  • Mrs. Mallard is dead.
  • I´m really sorry Louise
  • Climax
  • Free free free
  • Richards get to know for a railroad disaster and finds Brentley Maillard name on the list on the diseased victims. Through a second telegram the new is confirmed.
  • Falling action
  • He tells Josephine who communicated to Louise and weald hints she tried to make the blows as soft possible. Louise weeps and vilde abandonment. After a while she comes down and goes away into her room.
  • Resolution
  • Key ringing
  • She sink into a chair facing the window she feel something is coming for here and at first she fear the sensation soon the sensation renders her powerless.
  • Ending
  • Louise open the door you will make you´re self kill what are you doing Louise for heaven sake open the door. I´m no making my self in.
  • Louis, open the doorI beg open the door
  • I´m no making my self in. With the feverish triumph she opens the door and blast her sister´s waist and heads down downstairs when Richard is waiting for them.
  • They are all startled for the sound of the latchkey turning and the door opening. Brantly Maillard travelled strainer but very much alive enter the house. When Louise see him she die for ´´joy´´.