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the english antihero thing
Updated: 3/6/2020
the english antihero thing
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  • Diggie Smalls, our anti-hero, is a prideful character who doesn't know his limits. He wants to be better than everyone at school, but after a tragic occurence, he struggles to find his identity. He longs for popularity, even though he doesn't need it. Throughout the story, he acknowledges his fatal flaw, and evolves into his true self.
  • The name's Smalls. Diggie Smalls.
  • Woah! Look at Diggie's cool new car!
  • Yes! Reyna is here! Looks like she will love me in no time! Take that Adrian!
  • Diggie and Adrian go to their football game later that night, but Diggie's main objective is to impress Reyna. Adrian throws the ball, and Diggie scores a touchdown.
  • Diggie take it! You got this!
  • Yeah I do!
  • Nice pass Adrian!
  • What! why is she cheering for him? I scored the touchdown!!
  • A couple days later, Diggie overhears Reyna and Adrian's conversation.
  • Oh... she thinks my personality changed. I'm still the same person...just with cooler clothes.
  • So Reyna... did you like anyone before you started dating me?
  • Well...Diggie used to be so sweet to both you and me, but his personality changed...
  • 3 days later...Steve, the school bully, begins bothering Ace at school. Ace is one of Diggie's friends from middle school. Well, he was. After Diggie gained popularity, Ace was just another kid for Diggie to ignore.After contemplating his choices, Diggie leaves Ace with Steve.
  • Ha! Loser! I bet you have no friends nerd!
  • Should I help him or not? Hmm... I think he'll be fine on his own.
  • I shouldn't tell her anything. Besides, it's not my problem..but what if Ace is hurt? Ehh he'll be ok.
  • Hey, I saw Ace at the grocery store earlier. He looked upset about something. Do you know what's going on?
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