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Updated: 8/16/2019
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • " I was the same way at the same age and got in huge trouble for it !"
  • "How would you feel if people called you mean names, or said you were ugly!"
  • " I will do your English homework for the rest of the year and bring you my nana's homemade brownies , and no more bullying!"
  • "We can agree on that."
  • In the image above, there is a situation where a teacher is yelling at a student for bullying another student.The teacher explains that when he was the same age he also bullied other students and it caused trouble in his life, and he regretted it. Therefore, the teacher describes his own experience in the same situation which makes this an example of ethos. 
  • " I am our teacher and can take away your cell phones, so do not use them in class anymore or there will be consequences!"
  • Shown in the image above the student appeals to the emotions of the bully. In this image it shows the example of pathos.
  • "How would you feel if your friends were on their phones while you were trying to talk to them?"
  • The recently bullied student logically persuades the bullies by bribing them with multiple tasks free of charge, but they can't bully him anymore. He uses logic to persuade him, which would make this an example of logos.
  • " Research has shown that students who do not go on their phones and pay attention score 23% better on tests and assessments."
  • The teacher knows that he has control over the student and her authority makes it easy to convince the students not to use their phones in class. Therefore, this would be an example of ethos. 
  • The teacher describes a situation where the students are disrespected when their friends are on their phones while they are talking. This appeals to the students emotions making them feel empathy and respect. This situation can be said to be an example of pathos.
  • The teacher then uses hard evidence and scientific statistics to persuade the students. Therefore, this would be an example of logos. 
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