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The Lottery
Updated: 9/21/2020
The Lottery
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  • The Gathering/Mystery
  • The Drawing/Tension
  • Adams... Alan... Anderson... Clark... Delacroix. Hutchinson... Warner
  • 77th year I been in the Lottery...77th time.
  • The Results: Surprise
  • It isn't fair
  • In the beginning scene, the townspeople are assembling for an unknown event. This scene builds mystery because the audience does not yet know what the people are gathering for. As the people gather, it seems as if the people are excited for the event, and want to start it quickly. Everyone appears to be happy and cheerful, and quick to make a joke.
  • The Death of Tessie
  • In this scene, we now know that a sort of Lottery is taking place. The man named Mr. Summers is going through a list of names of the townspeople. The people go up to the box and grab a slip of paper without unfolding it. handing them a slip of paper. A feeling of mystery starts to build, as the people go from happy and talkative to solemn and quiet. As the reader goes on,
  • At this time, all of the people have picked their slips of paper, and have opened them. It turns out that the Hutchinson family had been selected for The Lottery. When the entire family approaches to pick from the box a second time, we learn that one member will be selected. Tessie is selected after the husband and the children open it. Tessie becomes enraged and starts shouting "It isn't fair", as the other townspeople begin to surround her.
  • The true meaning of the Lottery is revealed to the reader, as the townspeople pick up rocks and gather around Tessie. We now understand that The Lottery is the town's way of keeping the population down. For us, it is a morbid ritual, but to them, it is a normal occurrence and doesn't bother them at all. Even though they will miss Tessie, the townspeople know that she must be sacrificed for the good of the town.
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