english story board
Updated: 3/19/2020
english story board

Storyboard Text

  • ch.5
  • When the monster woke up Victor was terrified and ran away.
  • AAHH!
  • ch.7
  • This scene is when Victor gets a letter from Elizabeth.
  • This happens right after he found a fire. going in the middle of the woods.
  • ch.11
  • ouch!
  • ch.15
  • WOW
  • In this scene the monster finds a book called paradise falls which he uses to learn about people and how they talk.
  • In this scene Victor is throwing the body parts of the friend that the monster wanted him to make.
  • ch.20
  • ch.23
  • In this scene Victor is trying to protect Elizabeth from the monster
  • stay here!