Challenge Homework
Updated: 3/19/2020
Challenge Homework

Storyboard Text

  • This affects how I act if I'm tired and this can make me grumpy or stressed. Also if im tired this can make me less physically active.
  • Hi, I'm Alex Cannard and this is my Storyboard on the changes of childhood to adolescence. 1: This scene shows the changes of my sleep schedule from waking up at usually 8 o'clock to 6:45. This can alter my mood for the day if I'm tired.
  • 6:45
  • 2: I now have to take public transport to school which gives me the responsibility to get to school through the dodgy parts of the city. This helps me to deal with avoiding people I shouldn't be around. This helps me mentally to have the confidence and responsibility to deal with these issues..
  • The affects my confidence around strangers and having the responsibility to keep out of their way or how to deal with them. This helps me socially to know that I can talk to strangers and not be harmed. This also helps me mentally that I have the confidence around people.
  • 3: The transition from primary to secondary school at first put a bit of stress on me but now that I have made friends and enjoying here, it is not worrying me anymore. Now I enjoy going everyday and having a fun time. I now am more social than ever beacuse I make new friends and also talk and hang out with old ones.
  • Meeting new people at a different school was hard at first but now as I've matured into adolescence I can make friends easily. This picture also shows me eating a healthy snack at playtime. I also have a run around to keep fit.
  • 4: Secondary School has a lot more work than primary school but that is the fun of challenging yourself. You have to mentally and physically adapt to situation you wouldn't have been in and overcome them to finish. This also can make me frustrated or angry but one of the best feelings is to overcome really hard challenges.
  • I always have to feel like I am on top my work so I don't get stressed and frustrated. This is what I need I need to do to get everything done. This is how I can cope with stress.
  • Having beliefs that can get me through stuff is really good because I can always strive towards those beliefs and that will really help me to be a good, healthy person.
  • My mood now changes dramatically compared to being younger. I have less sleep and more things to do like homework and more sporting training and games. My beliefs though can get me through these challenges and I strongly believe that if you put in the work, things can only get better.
  • Using all of these things can help me to live life to its fullest and enjoy what I do everyday.
  • 6: Now as I get used to changes in my life and keep working towards my beliefs my body and my mind will get used to everything that keeps changing in my life. I read in bed to calm myself down and cool down which helps my well-being. All of these situations have some sort of effect on me whether it be socially, emotionally, mentally or physically, all I have to do is find ways to help improve how I handle situations and keeping it as nice on the mind and body as possible.