story board 1 (dec 18, 2019)
Updated: 12/19/2019
story board 1 (dec 18, 2019)
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  • Intro
  • how am I going to survive??
  • Rising Action
  • I'm NEVER getting out of here!
  • Rising Action pt. 2
  • Listen here, I can give you all the food and supplies you need, but only for a small loan of a million dollars.
  • Tonald Drump finds himself on a deserted jungle-like island and discovers that he has no supplies!
  • Climax
  • I can't pay!
  • To his dismay, he soon reealizes that he will not be able to survive for long if he does not find food or water.
  • Falling Action
  • Hey dad, I have a small issue here....
  • Then, to his suprise, another person crawls out of the woodworks, his name? Pike Mence, and he has a proposition for Tonald Drump.
  • Conclusion
  • Tonald Drump agrees, but there is one small issue: he doesn't have one million dollars!
  • The two come to an agreement that Tonald Drump MUST pay in 3 months time, but tonald drump figures that his supplies are worth less, so he gets his father to pay for it.
  • Soon enough, Tonald Drump spots a helicopter over head, after 3 days on the island, with no survival skills to start off with, he yeets a vamily heirloom at it to attract its attention, and soon gets rescued.
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