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Updated: 2/24/2019
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  • Gallaudet helps Cogswell
  • Of course. I'll head to Britain to check whether anybody can help. I'll return when I have somebody who can help.
  • My daughter,Alice, is hard of hearing and can't speak with the other kids. Would you be able to please help me to have a way for her to communicate.
  • Since you are helping my little girl I will pay for your trip.Thanks.
  • Gallaudet visits the Braidwood Family
  • I can not tell you because its a untold mystery. you can ask someone else. There is a demonstration in London you can watch.
  • Can you tell me how deaf people communicate with one another?
  • Gallaudet wathces Abbe de l'epee demonstrate how deaf people communicate
  • Wow this is so impressive! I must go to the french school to learn more about this awesome language
  • Gallaudet consents to help Mason Cogswell discover a route for his hard of hearing little girl to speak with other individuals. Artisan supports Gallaudet's outing to England.
  • Gallaudet talks to Abbe de la Epee and his two brightest students Jean Massieu and Laurent Clerc
  • Hello there my name is Gallaudet and i'm from America. I have come to support my friend. His girl is hard of hearing and she has no chance to conveying what she would like to say. Would you be able to help me?
  • Gallaudet asks the Braidwood family how the hard of hearing interact. They state they can't say and to go ask another person. They reveal to Gallaudet it's a secret. They instruct him to go watch a dmeonstration in London.
  • Gallaudet talks to Cogswell about sign language
  • Thank you for helping my daughter Gallaudet. This is the best thing ever.
  • Gallaudet is very pleased with the demonstration and wants to go to the deaf school in France to learn more.
  • Gallaudet opens his school for the deaf
  • Laurent Clerc agrees to help Gallaudet with Alice. Clerc goes to America and helps Gallaudet learn sign language and set up a school for the deaf
  • thank you
  • Hello. I'm Laurent Clerc. This is my teacher, Abbe de l'epee. He has taught me how to speak sign language. I will go to America and help you learn it and set up a school for the deaf.
  • Galluadet brings Laurent Clerc to Mason Cogswell. Clerc teaches sign lagnuage to Alice and Mason Cogswell. Gallaudet starts on his school for the deaf.
  • I am back with a man named Laurent Clerc. He has a way how to communicate with deaf. He will teach you and i will make a school for the deaf.
  • Gallaudet opens his school for the deaf in Hartford, Connecticut in 1817 and he celebrates with Laurent Clerc, Mason Cogswell, and Alice Cogswell.
  • Gallaudet is g for making a school for the deaf.
  • thank you for helping
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