Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • Exposition
  • "Why not an app that can help you make new friends?" That's what my app "Click'd" is about.
  • Click'd
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • Allie? There is a glitch...
  • Allie Navarro, a young girl in 7th grade who created an app called "Click'd" over the summer with some of her friends. The game is about helping you make new friends by matching you up with common interests. Her goal is to beat Nathan in the "Games 4 Good" competition.
  • Climax
  • Allie and some of her friends were eating lunch and Allie wanted to show them what she was doing over the summer. They left the building and tried Allie's new game and they loved it, Allie then left to her computer science class and she needed some success stories to win the G4G competition so she told her friends to release the game and it got popular very quickly.
  • Falling Action
  • With every coming day her app got more and more popular with users all around her school, everyone downloaded the app and everyone loved it but a glitch appeared and it made a screenshot that Zoe took of the text between her and Emma get posted. The person that saw it said they deleted it but they didn't, and Emma got really mad and embarrassed.
  • Once Emma saw Allie, she got mad at her and she started crying because she was humiliated. The group had left Allie and she felt terrible so she had to fix the glitch, but that meant she has to work with her enemy, Nathan.
  • When Allie arrived at the computer lab, she saw Nathan and she told him that their teacher said they have to review each others code, so that's what they did. Allie fixed Nathan's code and Nathan fixed Allie's code, but there was something missing that caused the leader board on Click'd to reset, but she was able to cover up the mistake and fix the situation
  • In thee end of the story, Nathan and Allie had become good friends. Allie and her other friends had finally got back together and Click'd was fixed. But most importantly, this shows how any friendship could start from a rivalry.
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