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Updated: 5/22/2020
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Catcher in the rye´s storyboard By: Alexia Quizhpe

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  • Before Stradlater went to the date with Jane
  • With who? Nevermind, I will by finishing it by 10 pm. But you owe me one.
  • Such a bastard
  • Give a hand?I have to do this homework, and I will be coming back from the date at 11 pm.
  • 1
  • He said an special thing, right? So, I guess I will be talking about my little brother's baseball mitt. That's really special for me.
  • Special
  • 2
  • Allie used to be a terrifically smart kid, he really was. He had this baseball mitt, where he used to write poems with green ink. He never finished them...
  • 3
  • After Stradlater went to the date with Jane
  • What is this? I told a special place. This doesn't work at all.
  • Special
  • C'mon it is good, it is special for me. Don`t be ungrateful, I will be very feeling really mad at you.
  • 4
  • That is not your bussiness
  • You know what I'm living this place.
  • You moron! By the way, what's with Jane? I do care for her, you don't.
  • 5
  • Pencey Preparatory
  • I hope, tommorrow at this same time, my mouth won´t be hurting anymore and all. It´s bleeding a lot!
  • Goodbye y'all morons!
  • 6
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