Uglies Part 1
Updated: 2/15/2020
Uglies Part 1

Storyboard Text

  • Sure, but lets get out of here before the warden catches us!
  • I'm Tally
  • I'm Shay. Do you want to learn how to hover board? i can teach you.
  • He is not pretty? I can't even think of not becoming Pretty. I'm counting down the days until I am pretty!
  • Is that a signal
  • Yes, I have a friend out here. His name is David. Sometimes he is here, sometimes he is not. He is older than me.
  • That is what I thought. I wrote you a note to show you how to get to me if you ever change you mind. Only you will be able to understand it.
  • I'm leaving, I'm going to live with David and my other friends. It's a city called smoke. I'm not turning pretty. I hope you will come with me.
  • I'm not going. I want to become pretty, and you should too!
  • Tally is running from wardens in New Pretty Town. She runs into Shay and they become friends.
  • Special Circumstances
  • I'm Dr. Cable. This is Special Circumstances. What happened to your friend Shay?
  • If you don't help us, you will never turn pretty. You can die ugly,for all I care.
  • Shay takes Tally to the Rusty Ruins. Tally learns that Shay knows someone who lives near there, and he didn't turn pretty.
  • Tally, you promised me that you wouldn't do anymore tricks, and that you would become pretty. And we would be best friends forever. And what happened to your face? It's all scratched up.
  • Peris, I don't think that I'm going to become pretty. I made a promise to a friend and if i keep it I don't become pretty.
  • You are right. I will do my best to become petty. And I hit some trees while hover-boarding.
  • But I told you everything. You said I could become pretty after i told you everything I know!
  • A few days before Shay and Tally turn Pretty, Shay decides to run away to Smoke with David. Tally won't going, but promises Shay she will never tell anyone.
  • You are going to Smoke to find Shay and David.
  • Special Circumstances
  • That is correct. But you are the only one who understands the note. You will not turn pretty until you have done everything to find them.
  • Tally is brought to Special Circumstances. Where she is confronted with an Ultimatum, tell them about Shay, or never turn Pretty.
  • I don't know where Shay is. I can't help you I made a promise.
  • Peris comes to visit Tally. He reminds her that She made a promise to him before she made a promise to Shay.
  • Tally has to go and find Shay and Smoke. If she doesn't, she will stay ugly for the rest of her life.
  • Survival Pack