The crucible
Updated: 12/19/2019
The crucible
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  • In 1692 Salem Massachusetts, a slave from Barbados and young girls from the town went into the woods to try and contact spirits. They all started dancing around and one girl even got completely naked. While walking through the forest the Reverend (also the father and uncle of two girls) saw these girls breaking the rules.
  • Betty Parris the Reverend's daughter fell ill and was lying unconscious the next morning. Another families daughter. also became sick. People of the town came the see what was going on, some suspected the girls of using witch craft,
  • The girls deny being witches and instead they accuse others of being bewitched. They faint and scream when a "witch" is in their presents. They accused over 100 people of being witches. One farmer John proctor had an affair with on of the girls and h and his wife got accused of being witches as well
  • The towns people that were found to be witches got hung in front of the entire town. John proctor being one of them and his wife sparred because shes pregnant.
  • Abigail the reverends niece, and another town girl run away scared they're secret may get out. Abigail also runs away since the one thing she wanted, John proctor... was now dead.
  • John's wife Elizabeth has her child in the towns jail and that's where the story ends.
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