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Monkey's Paw
Updated: 3/26/2020
Monkey's Paw
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Storyboard Text

  • It was a cold night at the White's family house. The White family is awaiting for a visitor, whilst waiting Mr White and his son Herbert are having an intense game of chess. Whilst Mrs White is in the corner knitting.
  • As they all gather together Mr White recalls when sergeant Morris last came over and he was telling the story regarding the monkey's paw. Morris exclaimed that by an old fakir to grant three wishes to three different people. Mr White was hooked onto this paw, but Morris was unwilling to give it to him as it causes such a big grief of conflict.
  • BANG!!!! BANG!!!
  • Morris throws the paw into the fire and without a doubt Mr White runs towards the fire then for the paw to be saved. For his first wish granted he asked for £200 this everything they needed to keep there family together. Suddenly there was a loud crashing noise and the paw moves...
  • The next day came along, Herbert was at work and it was just Mr and Mrs White at home. Until, the Whites receive such terrible news Herbert was caught up in a bunch of machinery at work and was killed. From this tragedy the company offers an envelope with a check of £200.
  • With the death of there son Mrs White persuades Mr White for him to make another wish for Herbert to be back again. Mr White finds the paw and wishes for Herbert to come back again. After the wish was granted there was a persistent knocking occurring at the door. The Knocking was becoming louder and louder and before you know it Mrs White was racing to the door. 'It's Herbert," Ms White screams as she is trying to open the door.
  • As she reaches the door she realises that she cannot unlatch the lock as she is short. Mr White is going frantic as he is trying to search for the paw but Mrs White has already gotten a chair and she slides the bolt back. Before you know it Mr White as found the paw and the knocking stops and the door flings open with no one outside.
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