Updated: 9/11/2020

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  • Hi I’m Ernest Rutherford, a scientist known for his atomic model: Rutherford’s atomic model. But how did you succeed in concluding in this atomic model?
  • But how did I conclude on this atomic model?
  • I was born in New Zealand. After graduating I went to the University of Cambridge to work as an assistant to Thompson, who already had an atomic model proposed.
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  • I was one of the first and most important researchers in nuclear physics.
  • After the discovery of radioactivity, I was able to identify the three main components of radiation: Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays.
  • After this, I was very intrigued about atoms, so I dedicated to study them and doing experiments to be able to propose an atomic model. I did a lot of research, but the experiment that led me to my conclusions was as follows: