Hair Growing Coke
Updated: 1/22/2019
Hair Growing Coke

Storyboard Text

  • Here is Dan. Dan is sad, it's his first day of school and he is still bald from his failed hair dying experiment during the summer.
  • Are you tired of being bald? Are you scared to go to school because of your friend's reactions? Do you feel like your life is ruined? Hmm... you answered yes to each question, would you like to try a new rapid hair growth drink?
  • Dan takes a few slow slips of the drink but doesn't feel any difference but really enjoys the taste.
  • Then out of nowhere, Dan's hair begins to grow at extreme rates!
  • Dan chugs the entire bottle and his hair begins to grow tremendously! He even grows a full beard and mustache!
  • Dan walked into the school ready to keep this great day going and show all of his friends his newly grown hair. Hair Growing Coke, it saves lives. available in cherry, grape, and orange flavors. no artificial flavoring.
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