Russian Revolution Project
Updated: 1/31/2020
Russian Revolution Project
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  • Nicholas II1894 - 1917
  • I don't have food to give! Kill them!
  • Please! We need food!
  • The Bolsheviks and Mensheviks1917 - 1922
  • We Mensheviks oppose your extreme views
  • We Bolsheviks are for communism!
  • World War I1914 - 1918
  • I, Woodrow Wilson, will create the 14 points to avoid war!
  • I wish for peace and unity among countries.
  • Nicholas II was the last emperor of Russia ruling from November 1st, 1894 until his forced abdication on March 15th 1917. Peasants demanded food from him which led to the Czar's police force firing into the open crowd. This event was later called "Bloody Sunday". The citizens lost all faith in their Czar after he failed to provide for his people, and he got people killed during the war. He was eventually abdicated to give way to new government.
  • Lenin in control1917 - 1924
  • I promise to provide peace, bread, and land!!
  • The Bolsheviks, also known as the "red army", gave their selves the name because they wanted to portray strength in spite of their smallness. Bolsheviks were considered radical socialists who wanted to force communism on the country. The Mensheviks, also known as the "white army", were moderate socialists who wanted gradual change. They opposed the extreme views of the Bolsheviks. A fight ensued between them, and in 1922 the Bolsheviks won the civil war.
  • Trotsky in charge1921 - 1922
  • you've been admitted to the Bolshevik party!
  • Not for long!
  • World War I, also known as the first world war, or the Great War, was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from July 28th, 1914 to November 11th, 1918. Germany was blamed for the world war and because of this, their land and army suffered immensely. The Treaty of Versailles was signed to punish Germany, and Woodrow Wilson created the fourteen points to avoid war.
  • Stalin1922 - 1952
  • pick up the pace! Communism must survive!
  • Vladimir Lenin was widely known and was a very controversial leader of the Bolsheviks in Russia. Because of his wish to end World War I, Lenin signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany, and while this ended the attack by Germany, Russia lost a substantial amount of land. Lenin promised peace, land, and bread to the people of Russia. Lenin was the first leader of the USSR and the government took over Russia in 1917.
  • whaterver old man...
  • Leon Trotsky was a soviet revolutionary, Marxist Theorist, and politician whose particular strain of Marxist thoughts is known as Trotsky-ism. Trotsky was admitted to the Bolshevik party and was released soon after. Trotsky served as commissar for foreign affairs, and he proved to be a major factor in the Bolshevik victory in the Russian Civil War. Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico City by Ramon Mercader, a Spanish born NKYD agent.
  • Joseph Stalin was a Georgian revolutionary and soviet politician who led the soviet union as the General Secretary of the Communist Party. Stalin, with a strong position, negotiated a free hand in reorganizing government. Stalin killed as many as 20 million people, and ordered for children to denounce their parents. Feeling impatient, Stalin ordered a rush on industrial revolution in order for communism to survive.
  • how can we go any faster?
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