Ancient Egypt Afterlife and Pyramids
Updated: 1/15/2020
 Ancient Egypt Afterlife and Pyramids
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  • Why did the Egyptians create mummies?
  • Hello, nice day isn't it?
  • Yes! But where am I?
  • Why did the Egyptians create Pyramids?
  • I am? wow really cool!
  • *mumbles*hmmm maybe I went back in time?
  • You are in ancient Egypt!
  • Now to the end of your tour, this is a tomb of a pharoah!
  • How did egyptians build pyramids?
  • Thank you so much! Have a nice day! Bye!!!
  • The Egyptians created mummies because it was a part of their religion. They believed in the afterlife and that you would live a life after you died. Egyptians also put items that they thought might be needed in the afterlife in the persons tomb.
  • Ancient Egyptians created pyramids because when the pharoah died the pyramids would be their tombs. They were created to protect the bodies of the dead. Also in the tombs in the pyramids they put some of their belongings in with them like gold or treasure for their afterlife.
  • Egyptians built pyramids with limestone and mud bricks. Also workers had to build them by hand. The pharoah Snefru was the first egyptian king to build a pyramid with flat sides.
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