Trail of Tears
Updated: 2/7/2020
Trail of Tears

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  • what are you talking about ?
  • The Native Americans were simple people with simple lives. They had families ,women,children, and men . They were just like the English except they had what the English didn't have, land.
  • I saw people on the shore they killed some of our people!
  • Why us why did they have to choose us
  • The Natives knew they could not do anything to help themselves from the English they could only sit and wait to be forced out of their land.
  • we can't take much more of this we've lost over half of our people and we're starving and homeless.
  • We must stand up for what is rightfully ours please do not loose faith so soon .
  • they don't want to strike a deal with us they want our land. they're killing our people.
  • They came abruptly and began forcing the Natives to leave. This was known as the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Presdient Andrew Jackson ordered for them to leave and go west of the mississippi river.
  • gather your things and take off west this land is now english property if you do not leave willingly we will use force.
  • the longer we walk the more of our people die.. i cant think with this over powering feeling of sadness and hunger.
  • I can't keep my children alive when I can't even keep myself alive
  • Approximatelly 60,000 Natives were forced along what is now known as the trail of tears. 2,500-6,000 died on the way to their new relocation spot
  • It is known that more than 4,000 men, women,and children died of starvation, disease, and the cold. The Natives refer to their forced relocation as "the trail where we cried".
  • After the cherokee settled they were doing okay but the emotional trama they had gone threw was irreversible. They slowly built up life again and continued their customs but they never forgot the Trail of Tears.
  • we will have to rebuild our lives here we can not travel any longer that's enough I promise