Sarah and Hannah vs. Ashley's Integrity
Updated: 2/24/2020
Sarah and Hannah vs. Ashley's Integrity

Storyboard Description

Sarah and Hannah challenge Ashley's integrity because they feel less than. A group of people is saying mean things about your friend. Some of the things are true, but they are also true of you, too, sometimes. When faced with a situation like this you should be willing to stand up for your friend no matter what. You should have a conservation with the group so that is informed about what they are doing. They should know how their words can affect someone significantly. They should realize the true impact of their words.

Storyboard Text

  • Hannah do you see Ashley over there with her ugly self?
  • Sarah I do not like how Ashley looks.
  • Welcome Class!
  • Why are we in the same class? I want to leave.
  • Ashley needs to grow up because we are better than her.
  • Why is she acting like that? She think she's better than us!
  • Why are they sitting next to me? All they want to do is pick on me!
  • Let's pick on her to get the whole schools attention!
  • Everybody listen up! Ms. Ashley here thinks she's better than us! With her ugly pink boots, her ugly dress, and hair.
  • Wow! Look at her! Ha ha!
  • Hello my name is Ashley can I play?
  • Sure!
  • Hi! Can I join you?
  • Wait! We're sorry Ashley for making fun of you and embarrassing you!
  • Yes! Ashley we are very sorry! We did not mean anything we said!
  • I hope you can forgive us? Please! I really did not mean anything I did today?
  • To forgive you guys is easy! To forget is even harder! Yes! We may move forward!
  • I saved this cookie from lunch! May I share it with you?
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