part 2 storyboard
Updated: 6/2/2020
part 2 storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • I am ok, i feel extra tired and i feel tightness in my chest, is that normal?
  • How are you feeling Mrs. Smith? The surgery went well.
  • Yes those are normal side effects right after surgery. In order to assure you there is no residual disease and to prevent spread and recurrence, the next step is your course of radiation treatment.
  • Hello Dr. Anderson, I am her mother and just wanted to be here to listen to what will happen during her course of radiation treatment.
  • Mrs. Smith will be coming to us everyday monday through friday for about 6 weeks. She will be receiving her radiation treatment. We will give a total of 6000cGy with 180cGy each day on our true beam machine. Her plan will be an offcord IMRT plan so we can avoid dose to her heart, spinal cord and other critical structures while confining the field to our target area.
  • Hi Mrs. Smith, we are so glad you are doing well and ready to start your treatment soon. Today we are going to do a simulation. It is so the doctor and dosimetrist can plan your treatment and determine where the radiation will be delivered. We will bring you into the sim room and do a CT Scan.
  • Simulation Day
  • Hi Mrs. Smith, i explained to your mother yesterday your radiation treatment plan. This is John. He is one of our radiation therapists who will be doing your simulation today and will be there through out your treatment course.
  • Sim Room
  • I am going to position you with your arms up and make a custom immobilization device for you. I will also tattoo 5 small dots on you that we will use everyday to align you and to make sure you are in the same position each day. The scan will not take more than 15 minutes and you will not feel anything. Just be sure to hold still!
  • No Dr, It went well. Thank you.
  • We will see you for your first treatment next monday! A few things to remember: Don't dye your hair prior to treatment, avoid putting cream on the treatment area before you come in. Also, don't wear perfume and wear loose fitted clothing! You may experience side effects after a couple treatments but we will do a weekly check up. The nurses will be available to help you as well and a nutritionist or anyone you may want to talk to. If you have any other questions before monday, give us a call!
  • How did you simulation go? Do you have any questions for me?