road to revolution comic strip

road to revolution comic strip

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  • French and Indian war 1754-1763
  • how will be pay for this was? we will probably have to tax the Colonists.
  • we won this land now get off!
  • Stamp Act 1765
  • feathers
  • HAHA we got you stupid tax collecter now come with us!
  • hot sticky tar
  • Beating these fake tax collectors is so fun, this will show them not to tax us!
  • Attention: now taxes on almost all paper things including legal documents, playing cards, newspaper and more
  • Townshed Act 1767
  • We hate taxes! no more taxes on Tea, Glass, Paintings and more!
  • This event was the start of it all, it was the first domino knocked over in a row that would continue to fall until the declaration of independence stopped it. War was very expensive so when Britan won against the French they had a lot of debt to pay off. They raised taxes in order to help pay for the war, the colonists were obviously very upset about this so thus started a revolution.
  • Boston Tea Party 1773
  • Let's show King George that we the sons of liberty and our fellow colonists hate the taxes on tea!
  • This event helped lead to the call for independence by being the first violent act along the road to revolution this showed that nor King George or the colonist were messing around and that they would go to great extents to prove points. The colonist were so outraged about the tax that they had to pay that they covered tax collectors in hot, sticky tar and threw feathers on them. This obviously meant that no one wanted to be a tax collector which infuriated King George causing him to raise taxes, that mad the colonist mad now wanting to rebel even more.
  • Coercive Acts 1774
  • Your right! We should just ban meetings so they can't plan any more things like this!
  • The Boston Harbor is ruined, i can't believe the Colonists would do this! We need to do something about this!
  • This is ridiculous, we will just have to have a secret meeting because we need to do something about all these restrictions!
  • After continuous protesting, King Geroge finally repealed taxes on everything except tea. This made the colonist feel like they had a lot of power so they decided that they were going to keep this fight going. That later led to the Boston Tea Party. This is important to the contribution for the call for independence because it showed that even though they got their way they were not done. The colonists anti British sentiment continued to grow
  • Thomas Paine's Common Sense
  • This is it! King George is horrible and everyone needs to know that! We need to separate and go to war so made a pamphlet convincing everyone to do and think that!
  • This event was one of the most famous acts along the road to revolution. It was a big deal because it caused such a big mess. It shut down the Boston harbor lowering the food sources, it ruined the water, and it caused King George to once again raise taxes and place even more restrictions. This helped lead to the road to revolution because it was just one more thing that aggravated King George, It also made him place very harsh restrictions which infuriated the colonist making them rebel even more.
  • After the Boston Tea Party king, George was very mad so he placed even more restrictions including not allowing town meeting to prevent the colonist from planning revenge. Which just made the colonist want to meet more. Throughout these events we see a trend King George placing restrictions and the colonists not following them This event helped lead to the call for independence by doing just that, King George placed harsh restrictions and they colonists didn't follow them so the king got mad and was ready to attack, this was the breaking point for the colonists.
  • Thomas Paine has had enough, he says the colonists have tried so hard to keep peace but now they are done. Yet there are still some people supporting King George. Thomas creates a pamphlet trying to convince people to go to war saying that the government is being tyrannical ad much more. This event was what finally caused war and the declaration of independence to be made. Over time the colonist and parliament have been playing a game of tug of war all leading up to this moment, the colonist are standing up for themselves and going to war!
  • He's right, King George is horrible and we've kept peace this whole time but its over, were standing up for ourselves.
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