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personal finance
Updated: 3/25/2020
personal finance
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  • That won't really help me because gross income is just what a person earns before taxes and other deductions.
  • Yeah i spent a lot of money today. My income is not what it used to be sadly.
  • That store really charges a lot. ill have to update my expenses plan.
  • you mean the list of expenses and income along with all of my transactions over a specific time period? its alright i suppose.
  • well, hows your income and expense statement?
  • The money i receive from my job is pretty good. Maybe try increasing your gross income?
  • Let's talk as i show you around then.
  • I still have a mortgage to pay as well. It'll take a few years to pay off at this rate.
  • Indeed. I wanted to make sure my home and items were protected.
  • so as we were saying earlier, what about you net income? is that pretty good or no?
  • Yeah I hear you. I have saved up a lot of money for emergencies in my savings so at least there's that as backup..
  • What is net income? i have heard of that and net income and net loss
  • I really like your house. Is there insurance on it?
  • So net income is take home pay. net loss is when your expenses outway your total income.
  • And net gain is when your income is greater than your expenses.
  • I see. thank you for telling me about this.
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