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Neolithic Revolution
Updated: 10/15/2020
Neolithic Revolution
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  • Tired of hunting and gathering? Tired of moving from place to place? Are you worried about not having a stable or dependable food source? Well, let me take you on a journey to show you a better way of life...The Neolithic way.
  • We don't need to travel to find food. Look at all those crops! Farming is the way to go!
  • The Neolithic age began with the start of agriculture. This resulted in the majority of food coming from farming. This provided a surplus of food.
  • Life is more comfortable! I sure don't miss moving around just to search for food.
  • Farming led to permanent dwellings. They were mostly made from timber and mud dried bricks. Humans settled down into bigger communities. This came to be the start of civilization.
  • Life is easier with tools!!
  • Tools were an important advancement during the Neolithic age making life easier to adapt and live comfortable.
  • The domestication of plants and animals was another important advancement. People could now use them to meet their needs.
  • Source: D.M. Knox, The Neolithic Revolution, Greenhaven Press, adapted from the January 2004, NYS Regents Exam.
  • In the Neolithic age, people could specialize in different aspects of life instead of worrying about how to get food. When people began to specialize in their fields they invented new technologies. Architecture flourished. It was at this time that the wheel and Pyramids were invented.
  • We have have made so many advancements all because we took a risk and changed our way of life.Life is good!
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