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Animal Farm Storyboard
Updated: 12/3/2019
Animal Farm Storyboard
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  • Let us take action before I die..Rebellion!!!
  • I am tired to feed you all..
  • Chase him!!!!!
  • Old Major give a speech towards all the animals in the farms. He talk about Rebellion to all animal which is they are free from being harmful by human. They want rebellion to againts Mr. Jones.
  • How about our windmill??
  • All the animals did not get their food to eat for a several days and made them become more hungry. That is make them become more angry to Mr. Jones and started to Rebellion Mr. Jones.
  • We will work harder..
  • After Old Major died, all the animal started make a plan to rebellion to againts Mr Jones from the farm. This is because Mr Jones stopped giving them the food. They chased Mr Jones far away far away from the farm. After that, they live by themselve and named their farm "Animal Farm"
  • The first command in Animal Farm is by Snowball. All of the animal is work as usual in the farm to get their food. Snowball had palnned to built a windmill for the farm and it known by Napoleon. They alspo had 7 commands that all about animal live.
  • It still in progress
  • Napoleon destroy Snowball and brainwash all the animal about the windmill is comes from his idea. In this time, all the command had changes. The old windmill had been destroy by people and they built a new windmill according the shift except Benjamin and Boxer which is very hardworking. Until one day Boxer is died because of overwork.
  • Many animal is died because of doing work in the extreme condition and also because of been kill by people in order to protect the farm. As lastly, the pig change to human and the farm had change the name into Manor Farm.
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