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celti e romani
Updated: 5/12/2020
celti e romani
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  • ca 700 BC – 43 AD
  • 43 AD - 409 AD
  • Hello,we are Celts, we came from Asia. We built forts on top of the hills.
  • We woman were almost equal to men
  • We are hunters, farmers and fishermen.We work iron and we invented the iron plough
  • We worshipped the natural element.We pray in the woods not in temples
  • We belived that water was a holy element, we belivedin immortality and in the transmigration of the soul
  • Hi, we are Romans. We invaded the Britain because have a strategic position , a rich agriculture and availability of slaves
  • We built paved roads to moove troops and goods and towns developed
  • We have created the settlement of Londinium, the most important town
  • We have built Hadian's wall
  • The Romans brought Latin and Christianity in Britain
  • church
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