Updated: 3/14/2021

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  • Mark is on his phone, turned away from lydia, She cant help but feel jealous and suspicious.
  • what are you looking at?
  • This issue comes from a lack of trust and faith in their relationship. it often causes problems like this to come up.
  • Nothing
  • they often argue about this. it has an impact on both their mental health and the strength of their relationship.
  • why do you always hide everything from me?!
  • It's none of your business!
  • Mark has cooked Lydia some food...
  • what did you cook?
  • Steak!
  • ...but due to the lack of communication in their relationship, he didn't know she was vegetarian.
  • Im vegetarian!
  • Oh no! i didnt know
  • This makes Lydia feel unimportant and like she isn't being heard in the relationship, and it makes mark feel like a bad boyfriend for not knowing.
  • Does he not care about me?
  • I feel so bad! she probably thinks i'm a bad boyfriend now.