Updated: 2/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Awareness of Lyft as TaaS
  • Bus full again? Lyft can get you where you need to go. Log intoour app with all the information at your fingertips to get from A to B, on time, every time.
  • Rider Requirements
  • Lyfttruly sustainable transitOrigin: 20 Brook St Destination: Town HallArrive before: 9amTime until arrival: 45 minssearching all transit options
  • speed cost eco distance
  • Integrated Transit Options
  • What is your preferred criteria today?
  • Promote the use of Lyft's app as a TaaS Provider to use across all public transit options within the city in addition to cars and bikes. Its connected network structure can provide all transit options in one place.
  • Tailored Solution
  • 24mins 200m shared $6.60
  • Rider enters details of origin and destination options, specific time for arrival. The app notes how much time is available and scans for all possible scenarios in ride share, public transit, personal vehicles and parking.
  • Rider Adjustment
  • The app presents the full array of available options for the given data and asks the user to select the most pressing criteria for the current trip: travel speed, cost, environmental impact and relative distance.
  • Completed Trip
  • Thanks for riding! Follow us on instagram for special offers and tag us with the new ways you are navigating our city withLyftand earn ride credits
  • Once the user selects their main criteria for selection the best option is presented and instructions given to confirm. User can go back and compare if they wish.
  • Bus is still your best option right now. Walk 200m to Park Rd to catch the 343 into the city in 6 mins that will get you to work on time for the leastcost. Tap on andoff with the app to pay
  • Rider makes any adjustment necessary in location to arrive in the correct origin for their selected transit. They are able to use the Lyft app to pay for any service selected for a contactless ride. In app record of travel.
  • At completion of the trip the rider is encouraged to review and share their experience to gain credits for future rides.
  • #lyftjourneys