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Updated: 2/7/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Intro to service
  • Grab a Lyft!New Company Transit InitiativeCarpool to reduce congestion & save time
  • Sign up & Onboarding
  • Lets improve your transit experience:How do you normally get to work?What features are important to you: cost, distance, time, ambience?In what situations would you be willing to carpool?What is your biggest concern with current services?
  • Opportunity
  • Lyft: You don't have any early meetings scheduled for tomorrow - why not try our new carpool service to save 20mins and $10 parking fee.
  • Present a company wide initiative to cut down transport miles and shorten commutes by using carpool services. Incentivise staff use through salary sacrifice or heavily discounted
  • Ordering
  • Your corporate ride with Jenny & Paul is on its way!
  • Encourage all employees sign up and provide current usage and wishlist for better services to produce a company wide analysis of current transit usage and efficiency. Not mandatory but preferred.
  • Usage
  • Provide opportunities to staff in situations where their transit would be improved by using carpool
  • Finalisation
  • Congratulations you saved20 mins and $17 on this carpool compared to a standard ride share transit!!
  • Allow employees to select from a range of options focussed towards reducing amount of vehicles on the road and increasing efficiency of each car through capacity whilst offering a value for the consumer
  • Meet your driver in 10 minutes at the pickup point to begin your seamless commute
  • 17 Park St
  • This a 'corporate' ride with on board wifi and tray tables to allow commuters to work within the car on the way to work if they wish. Others: social carpool focussed on conversation, or zen carpool for relaxation
  • At the end of the ride provide clear metrics for the user against their usual transit through either cost, duration, environmental impact to reinforce the value of the experience. Earn ride credits for reviewing .
  • Thanks for riding!Share your experience with your network for ride credits