The Pearl
Updated: 11/10/2018
The Pearl
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  • The Pearl
  • The Pearl By John Steinbeck
  • Exposition: Calm and Tranquil
  • No, Please!
  • Conflict/Rising Action: Happy and Hopeful
  • Open it!
  • By Carver J.
  • Climax: Angered and Greedy
  • Kino this pearl is more evil than good and will drive our family apart.
  • Kino, Juana, and Coyotito the baby wake up to a peaceful morning with The Song of The Family going through Kino's mind. It was just another morning, with nothing unusual but a perfect usual morning.
  • Falling Action: Stealthy and
  • Kino finds a very big pearl that could bring them fortune. It would allow them to rise from poverty and get better clothes, a better home, and Kino's dream, to get Coyotito to be able to read.
  • Resolution: Relieved and Sad
  • One night Juana tries to throw the pearl back to the ocean because she thinks that it will bring misfortune to the family. Through Kino's greed he hits her and takes the pearl back before she throws it.
  • Kino turns into a machine, killing all three men and taking the gun, but Coyotito was shot and left him with no face. Kino is torn and finally realizes that Juana was right all along.
  • No, Please!
  • Juana and Kino return from the mountains with a beheaded baby which brings sorrow to the gathering of people around them. Kino throws the pearl of the world back to the water because the pearl had only brought much agony and pain to their lives.
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